A.C. Dellovade Inc. has the Design/Build experience and resources to handle your total project. From steel mills to sports arenas...from convention centers to automotive plants...even the hangar for Air Force One. Our ability to meet the highest standards for commercial, industrial, government and utilities projects is unparalleled. Whether your job involves retrofit or new construction, our know-how will pay off in quality, reliability and cost-effective performance.


At A.C. Dellovade, Inc., we pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail during the planning phase. Our depth of knowledge, coordination expertise and experience with every type of project- including large remote fast-track jobs- ensures that we can anticipate any challenges or problems inherent in your project and meet them head-on, at the earliest stage enabling your job to move forward on-time, on-budget and with a minimum of set-backs.

Material Procurement

As an independant contractor, we have the freedom to select from a variety of manufacturers to obtain the products and materials to meet even the most competitive specifications and the tightest budget. If a particular product becomes difficult to obtain, we have the flexibility and creativity to devise a new solution or accommodate your needs with a comparable product from other manufacturers with no time lost.