Services & Process

Sales & Marketing

A. C. Dellovade, Inc. has a very experienced sales and marketing staff that can assist customers with planning and materials selections. As an independent contractor we have a full selection of material vendors available to us; along with design build experience and resources to handle the entire building enclosure. Our sales and estimating team utilizes customized state of the art estimating software to ensure accurate estimates to address the specific requirements of your project. Estimates are reviewed by a team made up of sales, estimating, construction, engineering, and project management to ensure that all aspects of the project are being considered prior to submitting information to the customer. This expertise enables us to identify deficiencies in the panel application and offer acceptable alternatives. Once the materials are selected and an order has been placed with A. C. Dellovade, Inc you can rest assured you are dealing with a substantial, successful, well established company with decades of experience and an excellent track record capable of providing complete bonding and insurance requirements. Our team then goes to work to ensure you will receive the best possible service and products.

Contracts and Project Management

A smooth transition will take place between the Sales and Marketing team and our experienced project management group. A turn over meeting will be held by the Vice President of Operations which will involve Sales, Estimating, Project Management, Purchasing, Engineering, and Construction. Each aspect of the project is reviewed and the planning and direction for the project is set. The Project Manager becomes the lead responsible person for the project moving forward. He will introduce himself to the contractor/ owner and establish a project kick off meeting using a pre-established format that covers all phases of the project so there is a clear understanding between all parties. The Project Manager utilizes a real time integrated construction management software package that has been customized for our operations to manage the entire project. We have the ability to control purchasing, scheduling, engineering, accounting, AIA billings, receivables, payroll and construction activities from a customized job center screen. The job center then lets the Project Manager drill down into the details of the project as necessary.


Magee Womens Hospital Expansion

The engineering group works closely with project management, purchasing, and construction to ensure the continuity of the project and ensure that required materials are used and detailed properly for each project condition. Our on-staff Professional Engineers provide peer review, structural calculations and have the ability to provide sealed calculations and drawings in all 50 states in the Untied States. As part of the shop drawings we provide in-depth general notes sheets and isometric drawings of the project that give a clear visual perception of the project and the installation process. Once the shop drawings, calculations and technical data have been reviewed and approved we produce with shop bills to allow fabrication of materials to begin. A sequencing pattern is put together by the project manager to meet the requirements of the over all project schedule this allows us to control the materials from selection through completed fabrication. The project manager coordinates and maintains all milestones to ensure that materials are at the site in proper sequencing when required for installation. Upon final completion of the project the engineering department compiles a record set of as built drawings.


This is an important part of the field service A.C. Dellovade, Inc. provides our customers. Our safety director is involved early on in the project, attends the project kick off meeting and remains active through out the construction process. We prepare a site specific safety plan for each project along with an activity hazard analysis plan, safety task assignment form which is done daily. OSHA training for both the 10 hour and 30 hour courses are provided by the Safety Director as well as fall protection, scaffold safety and specialized training sessions tailored to specific site conditions. The Safety Director oversees the substance abuse policy and sees that random drug testing is performed along with mandatory drug testing of persons involved in any site incident.


Prior to the start of the project the project superintendent is part of a project planning meeting that is chaired by the Project Manager. We have a formatted meeting agenda that is used for all projects. The issues discussed in the project planning meeting are scope of work. subcontracts/ purchase orders, self perform labor issues, materials, tools/ equipment to be used, mobilization, and scheduling.

Our construction personnel are all certified in the product installation of materials furnished by A. C. Dellovade, Inc. All superintendents go through a four day training course on project administration, and four days of product installation updates. Our Foremen go through a two day training course on project operations and four days of product installation updates. Most of the field personnel are certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED. Each new employee before commencing work goes through a safety orientation and is provided a 32 point safety pocket reference guide. Our superintendents conduct a company wide site safety meeting weekly which is prepared by the Safety Director.

A.C. Dellovade, Inc has an assortment of manlifts, forklifts, and suspension scaffolds, and special scaffolding designed and utilized for our projects. We have certified scaffolding repair personnel on staff and all scaffolding is returned to our facility and reconditioned between projects. A. C. Dellovade, Inc. maintains a fleet of trucks for transporting equipment and materials to ensure timely deliveries.

All field supervisors are provided with product installation DVDs along with portable DVD players which they can utilize as a reference at any time during installation.

There are set procedures for handling field changes, project substantial completion and close out. Our goal is a "zero punchlist project". These procedures ensure that items are dealt with as the project progresses and not left to the end of the project to be completed.