Contract Department

A smooth transition will take place between the Sales and Marketing team and our experienced project management group. A turn over meeting will be held by the Vice President of Operations which will involve Sales, Estimating, Project Management, Purchasing, Engineering, and Construction. Each aspect of the project is reviewed and the planning and direction for the project is set. The Project Manager becomes the lead responsible person for the project moving forward. He will introduce himself to the contractor/ owner and establish a project kick off meeting using a pre-established format that covers all phases of the project so there is a clear understanding between all parties. The Project Manager utilizes a real time integrated construction management software package that has been customized for our operations to manage the entire project. We have the ability to control purchasing, scheduling, engineering, accounting, AIA billings, receivables, payroll and construction activities from a customized job center screen. The job center then lets the Project Manager drill down into the details of the project as necessary.